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“In love with design, obsessed with details. Working hard trying to make things a bit more beautiful”

Marielisa is the daughter of a generation nurtured by the geometric fantasies of Venezuela’s masters of Kinetic Art –the artists Jesús Soto, Gertrude Goldstein (Gego) and Carlos Cruz-Diez, among others. Seduced by the power of moving lines and geometric shapes, she studied Graphic Design in Venezuela’s most important academy: Instituto de Diseño de Caracas, where her professors frequently celebrated her work. Consequently, her first professional stage finished with the highest honors of this institution.

Her obsession with movement and geometry introduced her in the relation between design and audiovisual technology. So, in May of 2001 she finished her Master of Fine Arts in Newschools’ Parsons School of Design. Again, she was acclaimed for her Master’s Thesis showed in the Arnold and Sheila Arson Galleries in New York City: Video & Motion Graphics Piece -Moods of sound, moods of images.

Marielisa’s work gained recognition in the Latin American region early in her career, when in 2003 she showed her first work in a country other than Venezuela. It was the Graphic poster Sombra de Dudas (Shadow’s Doubts), presented in the Infusion International Festival of Music and Design in Cuenca City, Ecuador.

Since 2004, this graphic designer became one of the emerging talents in Warner Channel Latin-America, where she conceptualized and developed moving images for this network’s promotions. But nothing satisfies this professional, always thirty for new challenges, because for the four years she worked in this network she developed several personal projects and found a new aesthetic vocation to complement her passion for geometric shapes: photography. Due to her experience as a photographer, Marielisa has given a deep artistic turn to her work and has been presented in this genre’s crucial venues in Venezuela.

From this time to this day, Marielisa has become involved with her community by teaching in Caracas’ Monte Ávila University and developing an eco-friendly clothing line inspired in the power of peace (Evol).

In 2012, Marielisa joined the Praesagium sculpture workshop with Mildred Veitia, resulting in the exhibition – In Your Hands – at the Galería Espacios Libres in El Hatillo, Caracas, 2013. In addition to this, she joined the ceramics workshop of Flor Ginnari. In 2017, Marielisa was chosen to exhibit her ceramics work at Sala Mendoza in Caracas as part of the Wabi-Sabi display.

Marielisa Müller, a graphic designer, photographer, businesswoman, artist, clay lover and university professor embodies the power which results from dreaming in the movement of forms. Her passion is the root and trademark of her aesthetic professionalism.


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